Skol's Beard Routines 101

3-4 minute read.

Building your beard-care routine:

1. Clean & Exfoliate..

Every good beard-care routine begins with a thorough clean, as well a light exfoliation of the skin beneath.

This will give you a 'clean slate' by removing dirt, any dead/flaky skin & pollutants. This is best achieved with our Beard Wash. 

We recommend spending at least 3 minutes using your fingernails to lightly encourage dead skin to be lifted up. Repeat this once or twice per week, on the days you don't thoroughly wash your beard using this method - simply rinse your beard in the shower with warm water only (for the tradies, miners, fighters etc out there, feel free to use the beard wash as often as required - just ensure you always complete the next step afterwards!).

2. Hydration & Nourishment..

Once your beard is clean, it needs to be conditioned. Using either Beard Butter or Beard Oil will achieve this - leaving your beard soft, hydrated, comfortable & nourished.

For best results, apply some oil or butter to your beard. If you're unsure of how to use our Oil or Butter properly check out this video - I walk you through exactly how to apply them for maximal benefits (butter is applied the same as oil - just emulsified first).

Apply butter or oil after your nightly shower - you may also want to apply more in the morning depending on how dry your beard is when you wake up. If you're waking up with a dry beard, consider buying yourself a satin or a silk pillowcase. Cotton not only sucks all the moisture out of your beard, it pulls at it during the night. The combination of being dry & pulled is a recipe for breakage.

3. Styling..

Styling your beard as part of your morning routine will set you up for the day. Look good. Feel good.

The best products to achieve your desired look is our balms & straighteners.

Our balm will provide many benefits to the overall health of your beard - we do however suggest applying a very light layer of butter or oil mostly to the skin beneath your beard before applying the balm as they are better suited for skincare. Skols balm has a very high wax content. The high wax content allows for a strong hold to maintain your desired shape all day long. You can check out our blog on balm here to find out more & for instruction on how to use balm properly.

Our straighteners are also a great option for those looking to take their beard to the next level. Ideal for neatening, adding length, volumizing or removing that annoying kink or flared sides. Keep in mind - you don't have to straighten your beard until it is dead straight. Using it as a tool to get your beard to drop or sit the way you want it to often provides a much better end results compared to going for a completely straightened beard.

4. Growth assistance..

You can check out this blog on our growth kits. Our science backed growth serum, paired with our beard roller has earnt us 100's of 5 star reviews from happy customers who have achieved thicker beards & better coverage for their beards.

5. Build YOUR routine..

Now you have the knowledge, you can start to experiment with how much product you use, how often you use them & which products you opt for. As each mans beard is vastly different, we need to find our own personal routine that works for US. If you get stuck or have a question - message us on the live chat! (bottom right), we would be so stoked to help you out.


What can you expect from your beard routine?

  • Soften - we mean.. really soften your beard.
  • Nourish your beard with all the nutrients required for maximal growth.
  • Make you smell like a KING👑
  • Deeply hydrate your beard & skin beneath.
  • Keep your beard styled & groomed to keep you looking sharp - all day long.

You can Say 'Good-Bye✌' to:

  • Dry skin beneath your mane.
  • Flaky dandruff.
  • The dreaded 'Beard Itch'.
  • Having equal parts hay, wire & sadness attached to your face and calling it a 'beard'.

 For any questions about your routine, hit us up, the live chat (bottom right) or DM us on Instagram. We’re always happy to answer any questions you have!