Skol Beard Co, Supporting..

SKOL BEARD CO is Veteran owned.
Skol operates out of Port Adelaide, South Australia.
Before we tell our story, meet the Skol team!


Matt is the founder/Owner.


 Sam joined the team in late 2022!

Sam 2.0 & Emily both started, full time - in mid 2023!  

Our mission is simple:

We are providing affordable, premium beard-grooming products while simultaneously supporting Australian Veterans when they need it most.

Together we can make a real difference to real Veterans.

How the brand was born….. 

After leaving the military (Australian Army, Infantry) I (Matt) was in the same boat as a lot of Veterans when they get out of the Defence Force - feeling lost & unsure of what the future holds. The loss of identity, ongoing issues from injuries sustained, & the separation from all my mates who remained in the Army wasn't easy to navigate.

I reached out to a Veterans Charity to help me find my feet again, through their program - I gained a qualification & found a decent job!

As this is my story, I personally know the struggle some Veterans go through post service. I wholeheartedly understand how important these organisations are. They get Veterans back on their own two feet!

During this time, I let my beard grow out for the first time, I quickly became frustrated with the low quality of products & huge price tags here is Australia. I spent a few months perfecting my own recipes. During this time they were just for myself. A hobby snowballed into a passion for fragrance & the pursuit of world-class products.

Then it all clicked..

Sell premium beard care products while donating $1 from EVERY ITEM sold to the Young Veterans Charity.

Every sale is a win-win-win. We get to run a business we're passionate about, you get top-shelf beard care & Aussie Veterans get the help they need!

Young Veterans are 100% volunteer run, out there every day connecting Veterans to the help they need & running awesome activities to get Veterans out & about again.

Together we can make a difference.

“Through struggle we find ourselves & our mission”

- Matt Frazer (Founder)