A Guide To The Skol Beard Growth Kit

A Guide To The Skol Beard Growth Kit - SKOL BEARD CO

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What is in the Beard Growth Kit?

The beard kit has 3, easy to use tools to supercharge your beard growth.

Firstly, we have the Growth Serum. The serum is rich in all-natural active ingredients including Turmeric Root Extract, Biotin, and the powerful Capilia Longa. These ingredients are all scientifically proven to boost hair growth.

Next, we have the Beard Roller. The Beard Roller has 540, 0.5mm needles to penetrate the top layers of your skin. This will cause microscopic punctures in your skin, launching your bodies natural healing process into high gear, bringing nutrient & hormone rich blood to the area, increasing collagen production, while stimulating dormant hair follicles.

Lastly, included is the sanitizer spray. The spray is to sterilize the Beard Roller before use.


How to use the Beard Growth Kit

For optimal results, use the Growth Serum every morning. Simply, apply 2 pumps & work into the skin beneath your beard, focus on problem areas.

Our Growth Serum is a leave in serum, meaning you don’t wash it off.

Next, we have our Beard Roller. Before using the Roller, spray the roller with your Sanitizer Spray.

For optimal results, use the roller TWICE PER WEEK. Roll before or after applying the Serum. When rolling, apply light pressure – it shouldn’t hurt. Aim to roll over your face 10x over – going both vertically and horizontally.

After rolling, wash your roller with hot (not boiling) water & leave to air dry. Always use caution when handling your roller to avoid blunting the needles - we recommend keeping & using the plastic case the roller comes with.

Pro Tip..

Avoid shaving to skin while using our kit, trimming your beard short is fine. You do not want to damage the new Vellus hairs.

What should I expect?

Patience is key when it comes to any mans beard journey.

Generally you can start to see results within 40 days - we recommend taking plenty of progress pictures throughout your journey.