Better Beard Kit (Beard Growth Kit Included)

Better Beard Kit (Beard Growth Kit Included)

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Included in this kit is:

  • 1x Sandalwood Comb (60mm*100mm)
  • 1x 60mL Beard Butter OR Beard Balm
  • 2x 10mL Premium Beard Oil
  • 1x 50mL Premium Beard Oil
  • 1x 200mL Beard Wash
  • 1x 30mL Beard Growth Serum
  • 1x Beard Roller (0.5mm)
  • 1x 15mL Beard Roller Sanitizing Spray

Customer Reviews

Based on 519 reviews
Paul D. (Sydney, Australia)
Beta beard!!

All good here !! Product is great works well👍

nathan l. (Sydney, Australia)
beard growth

slowly starting to see results

Kevin M. (Brisbane, Australia)
Great Products worth the Investment

Have stuck to the routine provided by the team at Skol Beard Co since Day 1 and am really pleased with the results. Had previous issues with Beard Growth producing constant itch resulting in no longer pursuing it after a week.

I've been going with the Kit since about 22nd Dec 2023 (now Jan 8 2024, see progress shots below) and have had nothing but compliments on how the beard growth suits me in a few short weeks.

Shout out to Emily who's answered all my questions, love your service.

Highly recommend this kit and this home grown company for anyone who's struggled with Beard growth in the past and wants to give it another crack. The Balm / butter and shaving oils really help when it comes to soothing that itch if thats been an issue for you and you'll never look back using these products. The 3in1 Beard shampoo also works wonders in softening the hair with each use.

The trimmer is well worth the investment if needed and can't wait to try the foil shaver and moustache maintenance kit for ongoing maintenance.

Keep on going Skol Beard Co, really great stuff!!

James S. (Brisbane, Australia)
Filling the patches

Hi, yeah its going good have been applying the formula every morning, can't wait to see some improvements.

Chris H. (Melbourne, Australia)
Fast delivery and a free gift! Thanks Matt!

Have been using this product for approx 3 weeks now, happy with the quality and appreciate the gifts that came with the kit!
I look forward to trying the rest of the range! Can't go wrong with Australian made products that support Aussie Veterans!