How To Straighten Your Beard

How To Straighten Your Beard - SKOL BEARD CO
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Why Straighten your beard? What are the benefits?

  • Neaten & tidy your beard, avoid the unruly, caveman look.
  • Added length & volume, making your beard appear longer/thicker.
  • More accurate trimming, shaping or snipping of dead ends.

How do I straighten my beard?

Firstly, we recommend only using our straightener on a dry, clean beard. Some residual products from the day prior won't be an issue, but you should never straighten a wet or dirty beard.

Before starting to use the straightener, we highly suggest combing out your beard. You don't want to risk knots or tangles being caught on the heated elements within the straightener itself.

Next, use the straightener on the 1st or 2nd heat setting (1 or 2 of LED lights on). This will ensure you don't damage your beard by using excess heat. Wait until the unit has heated completely, the lights will stop flashing once it's reached the desired temperature.

When brushing through your beard with the heated brush, use your free hand to assist in the straightening process by guiding your beard deep into the brush, where the heated elements can work their magic.

Remember, tension + heat is what will result in a straighter beard.

Brush your beard with smooth, slow passes. Now, the choice is yours. Either just tidy up any unwanted kinks or straighten your whole beard for a neat, executive look.

Once your beard is styled as you desire using the heated brush, apply beard oil, butter or balm (or a combination). For maximal hold & styling, we recommend our Beard Balm.

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