How to 'Properly' use Beard Oil

Read time: 3 minutes

Most guys will know the basics, but there are some little tips that will improve the results you get with Beard Oil. If you are spending the money, putting in the time and effort you may as well learn to use it properly to maximise the benefits. You can either check out this video or continue reading below!

 We understand all too well the frustration that comes with growing out your beard — Beards can cause some hairy situations. Most of these problems only impact the ‘Beards Owner’, but one issue in particular hurts those we love most...nobody wants to cuddle up with a dry, scratchy and prickly beard. Lucky for you, we have all the answers to get your beard soft, hydrated and smelling amazing.

 Our Beard Oil is designed for both your skin and hair. The benefits include softening your hair, soothing your skin, eliminating any dandruff in your beard, stopping beard itch in its tracks. Not to mention, you’ll be left smelling like a king all day long. So, lets get into how to use it ‘properly’.

How to ‘properly’ use our Beard Oil:

For the absolute best results, use our Beard Oil after a hot shower (ideally, use our Beard Wash 2-7 times per week as well). The heat and steam will open up your pores and allow your hair shaft to better soak up our oil. THIS IS NOT NECCESARY - applying oil to a dry beard is perfectly fine also. We're talking about getting optimal results here.

Dry your beard, kinda.

 Use a towel and gently pat your beard until it’s 90% dry, leaving it very slightly damp.

Drop some Oil into your palm..

 Start with 5-10 drops of oil, a little goes a long way. How much oil you need will come down to many factors such as how long your beard is and how well your beard soaks in the oil.

Get amongst it.

Work the oil in between your palms and apply to your beard, use your fingertips to work the oil down to the skin beneath your beard. For the best results use a Brush or Comb to help spread the oil over your skin and through your beard.


 Enjoy your fresh, hydrated and healthy beard.


Beard Oil FAQs

 When should I apply Beard Oil?

We recommend applying beard oil twice per day, after showering at night and in the morning as part of your morning routine. Using less product, more often is always better. Bonus points for applying oil after hot showers, the heat and moisture opens the hair cuticles to allow for better absorption of our Beard Oil.


What are the benefits of using Beard Oil?

  • Hydration of your beard and skin beneath your beard.
  • Stops the ‘Beard Itch’ and irritation.
  • Our Beard Oils leave you smelling like a King.
  • The moisturising effects on hair and skin stops dry, flaky skin and dandruff.
  • A healthy, nourished beard will grow to it’s potential.
  • Beard Oil softens your beard, your girl or man will thank you (and us!)

 Pro Tip: Take a nice warm shower before bed and apply a bit more oil to your face and beard than you normally would in the morning. Let the beard oil work its magic overnight. You’ll wake up to your softest beard yet.