Beard Butter 101

Read time: 2 Minutes

What is Beard Butter & what does it do?

Beard Butter, simply put, is the holy grail of beard health and nourishment. We use world class ingredients and each tin of butter is hand-crafted, in house by us - right here in Adelaide (with love!).

Butter is a leave in conditioner designed to:

  • Deeply hydrate.
  • Soften - we mean.. really soften.
  • Nourish.
  • Make you smell like a KING👑
  • Give you a light hold to keep you looking sharp - all day.

You can Say 'Good-Bye✌' to:

  • Dry skin beneath your mane.
  • Flaky dandruff.
  • The dreaded 'Beard Itch'.
  • Having equal parts hay, wire and sadness attached to your face and calling it a 'beard'.

It looks like this..⬇, so........buttery ಠ_ಠ

 How do I use Butter?

Fortunately - Butter is both quick and easy for you to use.


1. Scoop out a small amount of butter into your palm - a little goes a long way (you can always add more!).

2. Emulsify between your hands - do you feel that? that is what beard glory feels like.

3. Now. You can use butter while your mane is dry or damp BUT consider using butter after a shower as a part of your nightly routine. When your beard is still warm but has been gently patted mostly dry with a towel your hair follicles are primed to soak in as much good s#%t as possible!

4. Work through your beard - either with your hands exclusively or using Skol's Comb or Brush. Make sure the butter reaches the skin beneath your beard.

5. Enjoy being on a new level with your beard game - oh. And smelling like a King👑.